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Property owners that wish to add their hotel, hostel or apartment to our booking system are welcome to fill the request form from the link in the bottom of this page. We will process your requests as quickly as possible.

When added to our system you will choose one of the following accounts:
Passive Account - All your property page handling and all requests will arrive and be processed by the A2B Team. We will contact you for availability and confirmation and will update the system ourselves.
Administrator Account - You have full control of you property page, reservations arrive automatically to your account and you deal with them directly. You will receive an Administrator user name and password and will be able to edit your property page as you wish. We will help you get started with your page and provide support when needed. 
You will be able to change between Passive account and Administrator account at any time with no charges involved.

Both accounts are free and you will be charged only commissions on paid reservations. Commission of 10% for hotels and 20% for apartments will be charged for paid reservations.

Our administrator interface is built to be very friendly and easy to use, and will take short time to master.
We encourage our users to choose an administrator account as is takes off pressure from our staff and leaves us time to develop our site. The better we are, the more reservations you will get.

Register a free administrator account.

For special requests and more information you are always welcome to contact

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